Appeals before the Fair Hearing Board

What Is a Fair Hearing?

A Fair Hearing is a legal proceeding. It’s kind of like a meeting. Who will be at the meeting? A Hearing Officer, AHS’ lawyer, and you. There might also be witnesses. AHS can bring witnesses and so can you. Witnesses are people who can tell the Hearing Officer things that the witness saw or heard or experienced that are related to what the Fair Hearing is about.

Who Is the Hearing Officer? What Does the Hearing Officer Do?

The Hearing Officer is like a judge. The Hearing Officer doesn’t work for the welfare or health care office. The Hearing Officer’s job is to listen fairly and decide who is right. The Fair Hearing is your chance to tell the Hearing Officer why you think AHS is wrong. AHS’ lawyer will tell the Hearing Officer why AHS believes AHS was right. After the hearing, the Hearing Officer will write a decision. The decision will say who the Hearing Officer thinks is right. The Hearing Officer will give the decision to the Human Services Board (Board). The Human Services Board is a group of people that the Governor has chosen. The Board can make AHS change its decision.